“Imagine a rolling countryside, cold and calm under a thick, heavy blanket of soft white snow. Now let night fall on the scene, dark and sinister and unknowable. That’s the best we can do in describing the sound of Thickets. A wonderful live act, Thickets make the music that soundtracks Kate Bush’s dreams and inspires rural British horror movies.” Folkroom Records


Thickets are a three-piece alternative-folk band featuring Rebecca Lavery on vocals/autoharp, Emma Hamilton on cello/vocals and Kieran Lavery on drums.

Inspired by the likes of Nick Cave, Arcade Fire and PJ Harvey, their songs weave dark tales of murder, regret and revenge. Their unique combination of autoharp, cello and drums creates a haunting, melancholic sound, laced together with layers of ethereal vocal harmonies.

Our single Taunt is available to download on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes